Arts Award – Discover

Trinity College of London – Arts Award Discover

This is Jon’s journey to discover – find out – share all the different arts form.


Jon likes reading book and and was glad to be given an opportunity to meet the authors of Sherlock Sam and the missing heirloom in Katong. See his review.

23 March 2013 The Art House, Singapore – Create a Villain Workshop with A.J.Low

Jon was thrilled to find the Pottermore website that he can be involved in the story of Harry Potter. He enjoys finding out little details of the series. He has completed his last book of the series – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow.

Classical Music

Jon finds Classical concert boring at first. However, as he learns more about the composers and musicians, he begins to enjoy them more. His favourites are Children Classical which has a story with live orchestra.

20 January 2013 Esplanade Theatre, Singapore – Casual Concert

3 March 2013 Esplanade Theatre, Singapore – Casual Concert


16 March 2013 The Republic Cultural Centre, Singapore – Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery Concert

18 May 2013 NUS Cultural Centre, Singapore – The Whimsical Tale – A Comic Opera

Fine Art

Jon thinks that there are many forms of Fine Art. Here are a few that he has seen.


20 January 2013 Sculptor – The Art and Science Museum, SIngapore – The Art of Brick by Nathan Sawaya. See his attempt Lego Pizza

5 February 2013 – Contemporary Art – Singapore Art Museum, Singapore – The Collectors Show: Weight of History


2 March 2013 Sculptor – Mount Emily, Singapore – Talk with Chong FahCheong

IMG_0830 Writer’s Block by Chong FahCheong

Jon also takes art class from an ART teacher using MONART curriculum:

Check out his ART pieces using different media:


Jon enjoys a good story, and loves learning about the past. So far he has learn about the following:-


I have enjoyed learning about the past of the artists and being an artist. There are many different artists. There are painters like Vincent Van Gogh and Monet who painted differently. There are musicians and composers like Mozart and Vivaldi. There are sculptors like Chong FahCheong and Nathan Sawaya who used different materials for their products. There are authors like AJ Low and J K Rowling who captured my attention with their imaginations.

I have shared my reviews and art work with my family and friends. Most people liked the artwork. I also shared my blog with the public, and when I get a like, I cheer. Thank you for all your likes and comments.


There are still many different kind of art form that I still have to learn. I would like to continue exploring arts and my NEXT award.



2 thoughts on “Arts Award – Discover

  1. This all great Jon I have really enjoyed looking at all of your artwork and reading all of your written peices.
    I think that you have worked really hard on your Arts Award and you are definately ready to get your award now, all you have to do is share all of you great work and and demonstrate what you have enjoyed, and learnt while working on your Arts Award.You can also show this by answering the questions I have asked in the feedback that I have left throughout your blog. I am going to send you a feedback form so you can answer those questions for me. Once you have shared your work you need to add evidence of how and who you shared it with, this could be a photograph or you can write it up here on your blog that would be perfect. Once again well done.

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