Sherlock Sam-meet the authors and create your own villain workshop


Sherlock Sam has 1 illustrator and 2 authors and they showed me what villains might look like, and how to draw one.

Drew (the illustrator) works quicker than Adan and Felicia (the authors). They said Drew takes 1 month to draw but Adan and Felicia takes 2 months to write.

They also had a best robot voice competition so I took part, and won a Lego Watson.

Time to get on to the book. I have now read both book. The second book was about a mysterious ghostly moan. I prefer the second book better because it is more frightening and at the same time funny.


2 thoughts on “Sherlock Sam-meet the authors and create your own villain workshop

  1. Wow well done for winning “best Robot voice” Jon I bet the robot Watson is really cool.
    You have identified to art forms here Writing and Illustrating, you have also taken part in a creative activity so this is all going towards your Arts Award Discover part A Well done! :o)
    You are well on your way to gaining your award now as you have also added other art forms to your blog. You just need to consentrate on finding out more about one favourite artist, who do you think you will choose?

    • I have studied many kind of artists – Vincent Van Gogh, Grant Wood, Mozart, Vivaldi and more. If I have to choose one, it would be Vincent Van Gogh because his life story was very sad. I also like his painting especially Starry Night.

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