Bedroom – Vincent Van Vogh

Jonathan version of Van Gogh’s bedroom. Marker and crayon

Vincent Van Gogh

The “Potato Eaters” by Vincent Van Gogh is dark and dim. From far away, I can only see the people and table but when I look at it nearer, I can see many more things like the rest of the house, the pictures, the bookshelf, the windows, the ceiling and the pillars. The room is lit by one lamp.

It shows five people eating potatoes and drinking coffee. It is not an exciting meal.  Some are enjoying it because they worked hard. Some looked deep in thought so maybe they are thinking, “ I wish it was a drumstick.”

The people have big hands that are scarred from harvesting. They and their house look dusty and dirty.

Vincent is trying to show us what was really happening, that it was not just ‘nice-y nice-y’. You can see that these people were poor and they only had potatoes and coffee for dinner. Their big and dirty hands tell us that they had been working hard all day in the field. They looked too tired to talk and only wished for a bed to sleep.

I think this painting is quite depressing because of its dark colours. If Vincent tried to sell it to me, I would not buy it. It will not look good in my cheery room. It will make me sad because some of the people in the picture are frowning and some looked scary. It will probably give me nightmares.

Vincent Van Gogh did not sell any painting apart from one, “The Red Vineyard”.

His paintings at first were dark and depressing. They were unpopular. He was painting the peasants having hard times. Someone said that his very first painting, the ‘Potato Eaters’, was a caricature. His later paintings, however, were brighter but they still did not sell. This is because his paintings were different. He used thick paint and painted a lot of patterns and details.

Vincent never had much money so his brother Theo gave him some. Theo and Vincent were also very close because they were best friends. They always wrote to each other. Theo advised Vincent on Vincent’s paintings and Vincent let Theo sell Vincent’s paintings.

Vincent Van Gogh shot himself, and died two days later in Theo’s arm. His paintings were liked by all only after his death.


2 thoughts on “Bedroom – Vincent Van Vogh

  1. This is a very detailed and interesting piece of writing on Van Gogh Jon, well done. Yes it is a real shame that he only became famous after his death, do you think that fame and money would have made him happier? Potato Eater is a very dark painting, very different from other paintings by Van Gogh like Stary Night or The Sunflowers. I do like Red Vinyards though do you?

    • He might not be happier even if he had fame and money but i think he may be happier because he felt that he was accepted by everyone.

      Yes, I do think The Red Vineyards is a very good painting.

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