Fright Time book review


Pages: 192

Date: 21 August 2014

Fright time has a collection of 3 young horror stories.

  • Don’t breath is about a boy named Ricky who has asthma and his adventure in Keyserville, Florida.

By Roy Nemerson and the least scary out of the lot. The monster is only gas and is easy to take care of. The Gas is alive and it controls you if you breath it in. You only need pure air to get out of its control.

  • Overnight-mare is about three boys and their adventure at the old battle ground.

By Anne Wolfe and the second scariest. It is quite a thriller if you like ghosts. You have 3 options to deal with this: 1. To hid and wait for it to pass, 2. Get involved, or 3. Run.

  • It’s in the attic is about a girl named Maddy and her adventure in her ‘new’ 100 year old Victorian house.

By Cynthia Blair and obviously the scariest. Maddy had trouble getting rid of the ghost haunting the house.

I picked up this book because it was looked “fun” to read . The title of the stories lure me to turn the cover. The stories were predictable and quick to read. It was written in an easy format. However, the monsters in the stories are not very creative. They are very typical and everyone knows about them. The only one that I was impressed with, was the gas monster from Don’t Breath where I find the monster to be refreshing to my imagination.

If you’re 9 year old you should be ok reading this book but if you’re younger you might not sleep. Anyhow it’s a good book if you like to get the creeps.


Merchant of Venice under the stars

On the 23rd may 2014 I watch ‘The Merchant of Venice’.
I really like how they made the play modern. All the players were on their iPads and iPhones. The scenes were set in pubs, offices and flashy buildings. I also like how the performance was kept to the Shakespeare script. The only difference is Old Gobbo, Launcelot’s father was not in the performance.

What I dislike about the performance is it was based more on the love stories and disregarded the hatred against non-christian.

Compared to the first Merchant of Venice I watched, in Worcester Cathedral-October 2013, photo I like this one better because:

1.  I couldn’t understand the Worcester’s play and I fell asleep; but I understood this performance because I had studied the written play at home.

2. The Worcester’s play didn’t have much inflated acting. It was mainly speech; But in this performance it is dramatized. For example, Launcelot in this performance is much more jumpy and gay. He was silly like a jester.

3. The Worcester’s players (apart from Prince Aragon) were very serious but in this performance The Singapore Repertory Theatre were lively. They were running around the bigger stage, changing into different costumes, dancing and kissing. The Singapore teenage audience were going crazy over the love scenes.

What impressed me most in this performance was the fact that it was modern.  They would sometimes have texting, emailing and showing pictures on their phone. This I can relate to.

The Lost Dog

The lost dog

Tree leaves brushed my face, the wind howled in my ears as I walked down the cobblestone road. I pull my jacket tighter. It was a clear, cold night. I was strolling to a nearby 24 hours coffee shop.

Something caught my eyes and I stopped in my track. Something big and brown. It growled at me. It was a dog. A German Shepherd, but not a stray. It was a dog with a collar. I looked around to find its owner, but there was nobody there.

I looked at the dog again, thinking that it was going to pounce at me. That was when I realised it was tied to a fence. I stared into its eyes. Black, pleading eyes, like it was asking me to help it. The dog shivered. Realising that I was harmless, it went back to chewing its leash.

I went into the coffee shop and asked if anyone owns the dog. When no-one responded, at this point, I knew the dog had lost its owner.

I ordered and drank my tea, thinking what to do with the abandoned dog. Maybe the collar would give me an answer.

I took the German Shepherd home and read the collar with my reading glasses. “FLUFFY. If found, please call 1123-5549.”

I tried the number but it was not in use. Fluffy would have to stay with me for the night.

The next day, I made some “found” posters and pasted them all over town.

Day after day I fed and walked Fluffy while waiting for the owner to come and take him away.

That was how Fluffy became my family.




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